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Become a Member and Shareholder

We offer our members a share of the money we make by advertising as soon as we get a couple of thousand hits on our website. Members will receive money on a first come first serve basis and based on an evaluation. The money must be used to cover living costs and to run our campaigns in your area where you live. To run our campaigns is easy, you just have to employ workers to do the job for you. We empower you with money and power. People will revere you when you serve them by running our campaigns of effort in society making the world a better place for us all.

To become a member is easy… just type your email address at the bottom of the page where it says “follow nature’s spirit”. Then you must check your email spam folder and mark our email as “not spam”.

The more members we have the greater the share will be. To speed up this process and help you make money as soon as possible you must share this with all your friends and family so that they sign up as members as well.

Make money starting today by asking for donations

If you want to start making money today you can promote nature’s spirit and the love project by asking businesses & people to give us a donation and we will pay you 20% of the donations you bring in. Be careful not to tell them that 20% of their donation goes to you!

If you get just 20 companies to donate just $100 per month you can make $600 every month onwards by doing absolutely nothing all.

Here’s a guide of what to say to people and businesses in english when you ask for donations and funding (translate this in your own language):

“Good day Sir/Madam… I work for a Non Profit Charity Organisation called Nature’s Spirit with the love project initiative.”

Then show them the website:

“Nature’s Spirit makes the world a better place by promoting love and peace to end wars, crime, violence, poverty and environmental destruction, etc”

“We are currently running a campaign to plant fruit trees in poor areas to alleviate poverty and feed people for a lifetime. We rely on support, donations and funds to do so.”

“Would you kindly consider a donation, preferably monthly to our charity organisation please? Your donation will mean a lot to us, it will make a difference in our country and you will be blessed with tons of love, blessings and surprises in return.”

Then show them the donate page by clicking on “donate” in the menu of the website.

That’s all you have to say and if they say “no” don’t be discouraged and give up, go to the next person or business until you get enough monthly donations to help you cover your living costs.

Make money as an alternative rehab referral agent starting today

We will pay you R1000 (up to R2000 / $142 for internationals) for each person referred to the love project alternative rehab.

You can employ staff that does the work for you and you can sit back and relax while the money is rolling in.

There are thousands of addicts that end up in rehab centres each month in the country. Just come up with a good strategy of how to target these addicts and tell them about the love project alternative rehab. You can also go to each rehab centre to make contact with these poor and lost souls whom are treated badly with lectures that are false that does not speak the truth of God and unconditional love. The Department of Social Development and social workers can also help (When you do this, it’s vitally important that you don’t mention us as your preferred rehab service provider, because we are not licensed and they will shut us down. Just tell them you refer to other rehabs. We are not registered because we are more than just a rehab, we’re a spiritual retreat centre that incorporates a rehab amongst many other things).

You’ll be doing the world a great big favour by helping the poor addicts stop suffering and discover true love for themselves and others which they don’t find at the rehabs they are sent to.

The love project will offer them jobs that they would love to do in making the world a better place for us all. Have a look at our campaign: Employment Opportunities for Addicts.

If you have any queries then please get in touch:

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