The Enlightened Ones

We are the new “Enlightened Ones” and we’re here now to support mankind, all the animals and the environment! We teach enlightenment with wisdom, meditation, nutrition and yoga. Contact us here to make a course booking. “The Enlightened Ones” of the past, now and future in spirit and also present… Join us, “the Enlightened Ones”…

Best friends

To Best Friends Forever! I love making good friends with people (…plus animals you know) and I have formed some amazing loving & truly special bonds with many including true legends of our time… When I make friends with people, we become best plus special friends forever, we bond and have amazing times together! Im…


the Science of love… the law of attraction making dreams and wishes come true performing miracles the universal law of love want to master all these things and have an amazing life filled with loads of love, health, wealth, abundance, joy, prosperity, etc…? please get in touch if you are interested: contact us here

Heal the World

Please help us heal the world together… with some spectacular ways you will love and enjoy doing! Contact us if you would like to join us on our amazing mission of making the world a better place for us all: contact us here

Urban Food Forests

Want to join me on my amazing journey of creating enchanting forests the easy way throughout the world? If yes, then please contact me: contact us here