the love project


“an epic & true real life love story

This is an epic true real life love story of humanity unfolding at this time with good and bad things affecting people’s lives in numerous ways while we combat to help humanity restore love, joy, peace, abundance and prosperity on earth and make dreams & miracles come true for all!

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“an inspiration of love

The love project spreads peace & love throughout the world by touching people’s lives through our various campaigns, services and articles about love, enlightenment & peace which in turn inspires people to become enlightened, peaceful & loving as well and make positive changes in the world making it a better more loving, peaceful & prosperous place for all.

“heaven on earth”

Would you like to make the world a better place? The simplest and most important thing you can do is to love yourself unconditionally and turn your living space into a beautiful and comfortable space making it a friendly place for you, your family and friends. Also support the love projectlove others, animals and the environment and you will receive tons of love in return and all your dreams will come true. If everyone on earth do this we manifest heaven on earth.

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love is my religion and nature my church”

Love is life, truth, feelings, emotions, special, creative, beauty, colourful, art, playful, fun, joy, happiness, laughter, caring, affection, sensual, attractive, romantic, charming, amazing, inspiring, fascinating, embracing, giving, receiving, fulfilment, exciting, captivating, expressing, integrity, overwhelming, pleasing, adoring, magnetic, comfort, light, radiant, passion, sublime, surprising, dreaming, ambition, health, healing, soothing, gratitude, appreciation, precious, generosity, pride, miracles, pure, cleansing, enchanting, spontaneous, enlightenment, angelic, divine, sacred, intuition, natural, nurturing, nourishing, growth, priceless, free, wealth, abundance, diversity, prosperity, wisdom, freedom, peaceful, patient, soft, gentle, calm, tranquil, euphoria, faith, forgiveness, mysterious, persistence, safety, protection, bravery, courage, harmony, balancing, warmth, compassion, understanding, friendship, unity, honesty, faithfulness, trust, respect, co-creation, procreation, positive, kind, humble, confident, optimistic, supporting, sustaining, effortless, vitality, vibrations, energy, power, evolution, perfection, supernatural, unlimited, universal, eternal and infinite.

“one love”

If each person can just love themselves unconditionally and treat others, animals and nature with love, they will receive an abundance of love in return. Love has an amazing affect on people. Love heals and inspires others to love as well. The amazing thing is, everyone wants to feel love and be loved and experience positive and loving vibes wherever they go.

“peace is the highest vibration of love

If you love yourself fully and unconditionally, you will become peaceful and gain wisdom to experience many pleasurable feelings. To be in love with yourself and loving others are combined feelings of amazement, bliss, peace, serenity, tranquility, ecstacy, nirvana, passion, satisfaction, contentment, affection, compassion, radiance, joy, happiness, excitement, spontaneity, confidence and gratefulness.

“when the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace”

Love will purify and cleanse ourselves and the environment, dissolving war, poverty, pain, negativity, irritation, hunger, violence, lust, greed, abuse, murder, trauma, pests, diseases, crime, deceit, fraud, substance abuse, struggle, suffering, arguments, arrogance, resentments, shame, guilt, suicide, anger, depression, fear, jealousy, racism, exploitation, unemployment, pollution, radiation, animal cruelty, extinction, environmental destruction, etc.

“nature and animals reflect people”

Nature will restore and balance itself. There will be an abundance of fresh water for all. The ocean currents will become calm and the weather will become pleasant everywhere. Wildlife will recover and thrive. People will be able to interact and communicate with the earth, plants, trees, animals and all other living organisms.

“we do what we love and love what we do”

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