the Heaven on Earth project

the Heaven on Earth project has begun! Today (10 February 2023) I, Riaan van der Hoeven (surname meaning: from the land, which stemmed from my great grandfather, a dutch coloniser of South Africa who claimed land for free when they settled in our country) made an Oath, to claim my little piece of inheritance land…

Spiritual Retreat

The Spiritual Retreat of a Lifetime! Let us take you on an amazing journey of self discovery, love, relaxation, exotic destinations, wisdom, healing, creativity, inspiration, miracles and begin to start manifesting your heart’s desires! This is a one of a kind spiritual retreat you won’t find anywhere else in the entire world… it is ground…


the Science of love… the law of attraction making dreams and wishes come true performing miracles the universal law of love want to master all these things and have an amazing life filled with loads of love, health, wealth, abundance, joy, prosperity, etc…? please get in touch if you are interested: contact us here

Urban Food Forests

Want to join me on my amazing journey of creating enchanting forests the easy way throughout the world? If yes, then please contact me: contact us here

Schools and Education

Want some awesome advice on schools and education? Do you want to become a great teacher whom children will adore and remember forever? Or would you like to know how to create a state of the art new school? Are you a parent and would like to know how to nurture and teach your children…


Welcome to “the Ultimate Teachers Master Class”… Would you like to become wise and learn from the best teachers in the world? OR Would you like to be a great teacher yourself? If yes, then contact me here: contact us here

the love project

Yay! You’ve found the secret love project! the love project spreads love, peace, wisdom & prosperity throughout the world via its articles, campaigns, courses, services & engagement in society making it a better place for all! Congratulations on your discovery of the most amazing treasure on earth. The love project is a treasure and it’s…