This beautiful image of a crystal in water symbolising love you see on the left is a photograph taken by Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scientist who discovered that thoughts directed to a water changes it’s reality.


We are registered on‘s platform as an effective non profit organisation seeking funds for our projects. Please donate to our campaign to feed hungry men, women and children who go to bed at night without any food for the day: Urban Food Forests – Feeding Our People Thank you with lots of love! love…

Now Offering Spiritual Retreats

Dear loved ones, I have fabulous news and am very excited about this. We are now offering various Spiritual Retreats in South Africa. Go to our Spiritual Retreat page for more information. love is joy, excitement and pleasure!

Heaven on Earth

Hello and welcome beautiful people of the earth! This is a campaign designed to end the fighting over land in the world. There are many cases and wars are created over land and resources. Read my comment at the bottom as an example. Please share this with as many people possible so that it reach…

WWOOF Experience

  We are looking for special people to WWOOF at Nature’s Spirit’s premises and become part of our amazing initiative called the love project (click for more info) for a totally unique and legendary WOOFING experience of a life time. Volunteers should love people and be eager to have fun in the garden in exchange for accommodation,…