Best friends

To Best Friends Forever!

I love making good friends with people (…plus animals you know) and I have formed some amazing loving & truly special bonds with many including true legends of our time…

When I make friends with people, we become best plus special friends forever, we bond and have amazing times together!

Im intelligent, wise, fun, unconditional loving, caring, passionate, creative, exciting, trustworthy, inspiring, positive, confident, hard-working, respectful, honest, generous, kind, truthful, loyal, romantic, sensitive, sensual, calm, peaceful, forgiving, playful, youthful, energetic, interesting, one-of-a-kind, powerful, wealthy and I love people, animals, intimacy, emotions, good vibes, kissing, hugging, cuddling, nature, plants, trees, flowers, swimming, snorkelling, surfing, tricks, art, creativity, food, drinks, honey, sweet things, fruit, steak, movies, music, bmx, skating, camping, chatting, listening, exciting, fun, games, playing, pleasure, fascinating, cute, pretty things, impossible missions, spirituality, pleasing people, giving, receiving, internet, tiktok, thinking, ideas, inventing, innovation, toys, gadgets, beauty, fashion, style, luxury, elegance, ZEN, feng shui, bonsai, cool cars, racing, temples, homes, travelling, beaches, exotic destinations, islands, sight-seeing, hiking, mountains, rivers, rockpools, forests, laptops, martial arts, yoga, colours, scents, incense, essential oils, water, earth, fire, air, festivals, parties, psytrance, comedy, science-fiction, action, animations, kung-fu, praying, meditating, making God’s/Allah’s/Jah’s and people’s wishes & dreams come true and performing miracles.

Please get in touch with me so that we can get to know one another and have a great friendship and an epic adventure, journey and experience together: contact me here!

Riaan / Jannah / Neefie!

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