Alternative Rehab

Welcome to the love project Alternative Rehab

Are you perhaps an addict who’ve been to numerous rehabs before and always relapsed afterwards?

Or perhaps you are a family member or friend of an addict who have witnessed relapse episodes after a rehab or a few rehabs and wasted a lot of money with no success.

If you are a newcomer to the rehab scene, you should be aware of the fact that this happens to most addicts and you will lose a lot of money when you choose the wrong rehab.

At the end of the day most rehabs are all the same no matter the difference in costs and the type of service they offer. They treat their patients in groups assuming that they are all the same. This is a big mistake!

This is why we are different and provide an alternative to rehabs. It’s our mission to help families save money and provide success for all addicts to end their addictive behaviours by our unique individualised treatment so they become good lovable people in society again.

We are a non profit company and our mission is not to make money but to serve, that’s why we provide affordable high quality treatment for all no matter how big or small your budget. Payment plans of 3-24 months are also available.


We specialise in all sorts of addictions, may it be drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling and video games.

Our treatment is based on love and wisdom gained from experience by offering various non 12 step treatment programs depending on our analysis of our client making it a unique recovery experience for each individual and family to have a loving outcome. Our programs are holistic and includes all aspects of life including spiritual, physical, metal & emotional well being.

When our clients walk out at the end of our treatment programs they step into a new world reality of various new possibilities and becomes an entirely new person that’s wise, loving, caring, affectionate, trustworthy, happy, compassionate, honest, healthy and peaceful.

Our aftercare treatment program is free for a life time where our client stay in contact with us and receive additional counselling and mentoring to uplift their spirits and keep them on the right path.

Our Options

Please go to our options page and see which type of environment and budget suit you.

The love project alternative rehab is kindly brought to you by nature’s spirit non profit organisation with the love project initiative making the world more loving, prosperous, peaceful a beautiful place for all.

love is wisdom, intuition and guidance!