nature’s spirit is a registered Non Profit charity organisation in South Africa with reg. no. 2017/245204/08 incorporating and representing the welfare of the earth and all its inhabitants like the people, animals, plants & trees.

we are one charity with a mission to solve all our problems in the world!

We are philanthropists and activists running campaigns to solve human, animal and environmental issues.

We write Enlightenment articles to solve world issues and spread solutions of love, peace and prosperity throughout the world.

We also provide various services at affordable rates making the world a better place for us all.

Our Fantasy & Dream

Imagine our beautiful earth radiating with pure love and being able to feel and experience it…everyone on earth shining their light to their full potential and united as one feeling it within their hearts. Like Bob Marley said “One Love“! Our earth will be restored to its pristine beauty and become the brightest star in the galaxy!

Would you like to change the world, making it a better place? It’s simple, all you need to do is support the love project, love yourself and turn your living environment a beautiful space. Just do what you love and love what you do. Your love will cause a ripple effect spreading all over the world and soon the entire earth will be filled with love and beauty manifesting heaven on earth.

This site is a seed of love, where it all starts and where everything imaginable will be possible. This will be a source where there wont be any limitation of money, resources or energy and it’s my passion to make all your dreams come true. Love is power, wealth, abundance and free for all. We can do it, therefore I say… “Power to the people!”

Your loving and best friend forever,

riaan van der hoeven

Please subscribe at the bottom to become part of our vision, goal and missions.

You can also support us by doing some easy and small things to make a huge positive and loving difference in the world.

If you need anything done, please make use of our services. Contact us if you have a special request it can be anything and we will make a plan for you.

We urgently need donations and funding to help us operate more effectively and have greater success. You can donate or fund us if you have some extra money or if you are a business you can always claim the tax back when donating to a cause like ours.

You can also ask businesses and individuals for donations on our behalf and we will pay you 20% of the funds you bring in.

Check out our campaigns that make a difference in the world.

Visit the love project page for some inspiration and more information on love.

We love challenges and like to perform miracles, so if you have a fantasy or dream wishing to come true then let us know here and we will make it happen for you in the near future.

Please leave a reply or contact us if you would like to get in touch.

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