the Heaven on Earth project

the Heaven on Earth project has begun!

Today (10 February 2023) I, Riaan van der Hoeven (surname meaning: from the land, which stemmed from my great grandfather, a dutch coloniser of South Africa who claimed land for free when they settled in our country) made an Oath, to claim my little piece of inheritance land at “4 Dempers Street, Charleston Hill, Paarl, South Africa” which my grandfather bought for him and my parents to live, where I grew up as a little boy and still live to this day at the age of 45 years old, together with my parents.

I promise not to sell this property to anyone no matter how much money I am offered, to set an example in Paarl, South Africa for all its people I know and will interact with in the future from now on.

I also promise to spend as much time at home and put in all my earnings, knowledge, energy, inspiration, creativity and love into my beautiful home, workplace and garden to save a lot of money and resources of the earth for a green sustainable improved lifestyle in my own little piece of heaven.

Paarl, South Africa is the official originating town of heaven on earth now, where negative karma shall be transmuted into love and all our problems shall turn into opportunities, solutions, excitement, fun, joy, wealth, abundance, beauty, creativity, wisdom, dreams, miracles, peace, freedom and inspiration as we are starting the ultimate job in the world, creating many jobs and green business opportunities by solving the world’s biggest crisis (The loss of 2 thirds of our earth’s trees, pumping out oil and increasing living costs which is the cause of all our suffering like poverty, hunger, wars, crime, etc…) as we shall plant a lot of trees and plants, making our own gardens at home… whereby each person is manifesting his/her unique little piece of heaven on earth for their families and future generations to come.

Our town is becoming popular and it will be the number one tourist attraction of the world pretty soon! Believe me Paarl has some very interesting facts and attractions I bet you never knew about before!

The United Nations Sustainability Goals are in our hands…

Google supports us… AI Technology is coming our way…

Local Organisations are partnering with us…

Our people are extremely eager and excited to work and put their creativity, talents and joy into this project – in fact, it is each person’s own project!

It is happening and manifesting now into a positive curve, as we are transmuting all negativity day by day from now on so that only positive vibes exist.

Miracles are going to happen, believe it and you will be surprised that you are part of this amazing journey!

Be thankful to all the people, animals, plants and trees, our father God above in the sky and our Mother God below which is our beautiful planet Earth who grounds, nourishes, feeds, nurtures, teaches, protects, inspires, heals, gives us everything we need and loves us so dearly!

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