This beautiful image of a crystal in water symbolising love you see on the left is a photograph taken by Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scientist who discovered that thoughts directed to a water changes it’s reality.

Save the elephants!

Dear loved ones, Im sorry to be the bearer of such news but this is truly horrific! Only check out this picture of a slaughtered elephant if you are a strong person: Japan is making a lot of money from ivory from slaughtering these pour souls in true horror style. They slaughter the mothers…

The Enlightened Ones

We are the Enlightened Ones who’s mission is to create peace and spread love, enlightenment, abundance, prosperity and wealth throughout the world through our articles, campaigns and services. We need you to join us and become part of this wonderful journey of becoming enlightened and to heal the world and become wealthy in the process. How…

Heal the World

Let’s Heal the World Together We are slowly but surely healing the world with our campaigns. The day will come when we all can rule the world together in a peaceful, loving and prosperous way. As soon as we get enough followers and a couple of thousand hits on our website per day we can make a…

Now Offering Spiritual Retreats

Dear loved ones, I have fabulous news and am very excited about this. We are now offering various Spiritual Retreats in South Africa. Go to our Spiritual Retreat page for more information. love is joy, excitement and pleasure!