Holistic Energy Healing

I am now officially a Holistic Energy Healer and I am capable of curing most illnesses. I discovered my healing abilities some time ago when I had piles on my backside which pained a hell of a lot. I raised my right hand and it started to vibrate heavily with energy and so I placed it on my backside it took a minute to take the pain away and heal my sores.

I have also studied holistic healing and as Im on my path to becoming an Ascended Master and opening my heart chakra to all the people, these are the abilities that are gifted to me as I’m extremely blessed.

I have healed a few people by now as well, many of whom suffered pain. They are now healthy and happy like never before!

If you are interested in an affordable holistic energy healing consultation and session, please do not hesitate to contact me, Riaan @ +27 660 41 22 45

My address is 4 Dempers Street, Charleston Hill, Paarl, South Africa and I also do distant healing.

One Love!

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