Welcome to the UNIVERSE-ITY!

you have found the amazing world of studying, learning, discovering, exploring & experiences!

The UNIVERSE-ITY is a primary school, secondary school and university all in one.

We are a group of Spiritual Scientists who study the universal laws of the universe & galaxy to help make the world a better place for all…

Our Purpose

The most powerful universal law and energy force is love… it is constantly evolving, expanding and increasing to create a more beautiful human race, animal kingdom, earth, plants, trees, solar system, universe and galaxy!


Become more Loving & Wise

You will learn and discover yourself, your life purpose, your soul type, self-love, loving others, receiving love, and becoming wise and powerful so that you can become anything your heart desires.

You will also learn about the astonishing truths of the world, God, good & evil, racism, divisions, wars, cultures, language, evolution, how to attract true love into your life, sex, feelings, emotions, babies, children, teenagers, adults, elders, how to heal the earth and dissolve all our problems, how to become beautiful, wealthy, healthy, peaceful, prosperous, happy, full of joy and have amazing relationships with each other, making the world so much beautiful and better than ever before!

Discover your ideal Career

As soon as you have discovered yourself, your life purpose, talents and you have decided which career you would like to pursue, we will give you the experience of such an endeavour so that you can get a feel & taste of it first to make sure that you have made the right choice. Once your career choice has been confirmed you will learn and study it by doing an internship at a real company/organisation where you will learn by guidance, mentorship and doing it yourself.

You will graduate once you have gained enough experience so that you can find a good paying job easily or become your own boss.


Study at the One and Only true Universe-ity

with love, peace & joy!

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