This page is dedicated to Japan and it’s super amazing people, culture, beliefs, art, inventions & country!

Some of my greatest knowledge, wisdom, information and inspiration comes from Japan and Japanese Culture!

I own a Toyota Tazz now for more than 20 years, it never gave me any major problems and it’s cheap to maintain & drive.

I love Japan so much that I even named our bed & breakfast business “ZEN Tree B&B”!

I also own a Sony Playstation and as a child I used to go crazy for the arcade games that came from Japan.

I incorporate ZEN consciousness into my beliefs and religious practice and love to practice Feng Shui, eating sushi and watching kung fu movies. I am inspired by Dr. Masaru Emoto for his discovery of consciousness in our bodies and water and I do gardening the way of Masanobu Fukuoka, the Great! In the future I will grow my own bonsai.

Amazing things from Japan are Bruce Lee (the originator of Kung Fu, Legendary Master & Actor), Kung Fu, Kung Fu Movies, Martial Arts, Dr. Masaru Emoto (Proved Consciousness in Water with his Frozen Water Crystal Photographs), Daisugi (An amazing coppicing technique), Microprocessors, 3D Printing, Blue LED, Feng Shui, Flash Memory, Video Tape Recorders, Arcade Games, Shiitake Mushrooms, Tsiyoshi Suzuki, Reiki (a form of energy healing), Television, Laptops, Emojis, Architecture, Rice Paper Sliding Doors, Bonsai, Bamboo Forests, Fibre Optic Communication, Masanobu Fukuoka (the Natural Farmer who wrote “The One Straw Revolution”), Toyota Tazz (a car I own for more than 20 years now which is the best car made ever!), Shiatsu Massage, Nintendo, Karaoke, Hybrid Cars, Fully Programmable Drum Machines, Pocket Calculator, Digital SLR Camera, Fortune Cookies, Camera Phones, Ikebana (a flower arrangement art), motorbikes, Sushi, Comic Books, Folding Hand Fans, Anime, Drifting Competition, ZEN Gardens, Samurais, QR Codes, technology, sensei, masters, Hattori Hanzo (the greatest ninja), Katana (swords), ninjas, nunchakus, religion (based on nature), Digital Microscope, fashion, Sony, Suzuki, Yamaha, rice cookers, Tokyo, chop sticks, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Yie Ar Kung Fu (a classic commodore 64 retro game), Preserved Foods, tea gardens, tea drinking customs, temples, and the super medicines ephedrine and crystal meth, etc…

Did you know that Japan’s ancient religion and culture is based on nature? Now, you know why we called this organisation “nature’s spirit”!

Want to learn amazing things I discovered and still learning from Japan?

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