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Yoga Teacher

This is the latest, innovated, improved and ultimate enjoyable Yoga from the originating master’s (Mahavatar Babaji) apprentice. I do one private lesson at your place and that’s all it takes for you to become a master and teacher in yoga. I also include meditation in my lessons as it’s vitally important to combine the two.

This yoga is suitable for beginners, advanced, individuals, families & children. I travel to you if you are in the area and near Cape Town, South Africa.

Meditation Teacher

Special and various Meditation lessons (Mindfullness, Vipassana, Zen & Buddhist) from Mahavatar Babaji & Buddha are taught. I also include a short yoga lesson as it’s vitally important to combine the two. You will become more loving, peaceful, happier and healthier.

This meditation is suitable for beginners, advanced, individuals, families & children. I travel to you if you are in the area and near Cape Town, South Africa or else we do it online via email or over the telephone.

Spiritual Retreat

We also offer a 2day / weekend yoga & meditation Spiritual Retreat in Cape Town, South Africa and nearby as well as longer duration retreats.

Mahavatar Babaji who’s name means Revered Father is the originator of Yoga, God’s Greatest Helper, the Master of Ascended Masters also known simply as babaji, the deathless Saint, the Avatar, shiva & the destroyer of evil.

Please get in touch if you are interested:

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