Our Business Supporters

Thank you with much appreciation to the following businesses for their support:

  • Google – For giving us $329 (approximately R4600) worth of advertising per day! Actually that means absolutely nothing to my non profit organisation because their Ad Grant system on Google Ads is limited. Out of my +-20 campaigns I have created, non has performed and served my ads exactly like I initially configured it according my preferences and needs. I’ve been using Google Ad Grants for more than six months now and did not receive a single donation nor client that wishes to make use of our services. They also kept on disabling my account and ads because of silly restrictions and rules that only applies to Ad Grants and not Google Ads (the paid version) so I had to make amendments to my campaigns which restricted my preferred ads from running. The process was long and tedious to fix my ad campaigns according their restricted rules and also a long process for them to enable my ads again. The only campaign that produced results was my Illuminati campaign. I had to become clever and come up with work arounds like pretending my organisation is the official Illuminati just to attract some people to my website and spread the word about my campaigns so that it attract donors and funding so that I could help people with my campaigns. My site’s traffic boomed and my cellphone was ringing like crazy. It was amazing and pleasant to meet so many people from the world and hearing their stories and plea for help feeling that I could really help all these people following me and revering me by calling me Sir and Boss. They believed in me cause I made a promise to them that I will help them with their needs and it was true, my intentions was really to help them but only if I had the money I would have helped them financially. It was mostly African people, good and friendly people who contacted me who wanted change in their struggling lives for a better future. I got really excited about “my people” following me believing Im the Illuminati that’s going to bring them fortune. If my services brought any money in I would have given some of my profit to “my people”. But then, not too long ago, I got a warning from our local authorities, forensic scientists about my Illuminati campaign and that I would face jail so I had to shut down my Illuminati ads campaign. What a great disappointment that was for me and how I felt sorry for “my people”. If the authorities actually read what my campaign was about like helping people and the environment for instance they should have granted me to continue my philanthropic efforts. But I’m sure they read my campaigns and know that I serve God, the earth and all its inhabitants. They are forensic scientists, highly educated and not stupid! It tells me that they are evil, corrupt and serve the devil I say! Im not gonna give up on “my people” who are still following me and believe in me. Im at the drawing board now again and will be back for sure! If I am assassinated you should have a clue who it is.
  • Auto SLM – For making use of our services: Website & Mobile App Development.