Celebrity Rehab Treatment in South Africa

Exclusive Rehab for Celebrities and the rich

This exclusive rehab treatment is specially tailored to cater for the needs of celebrities and the rich. Our treatment is totally unique and we are the first ones practising it and the only ones that currently does it our unique way, which is the ultimate and best treatment you can find on earth today which comes with unparalleled success and positive outcomes .

Treatment Plan

Here is how the process works. The celebrity or rich person makes a booking with us and then takes a flight to Cape Town, South Africa bringing a companion or a few (lovers, close friends and family members) with where they will be picked up by their hotel’s transport and be taken to their special 5-star celebrity hotel.

The celebrity or rich person who has a problem with abusing substances will be referred to as our patient from now onwards.

I will be waiting at the hotel and welcome our new guests especially our new patient who desperately needs our help, since we are the only ones with the best cure you can find. I will make sure that everyone’s needs are catered for and will brief everyone about the exciting treatment program which will begin the following day.

Im not going to say much of what follows next because it is a wonderful and very pleasant surprise to everyone. The only thing(s) I will say is that our treatment is very flexible and customised to suit the needs of our patients. Im sure that everyone will have a good time, especially our patient.

The outcome will be that our patient will still use his or her preferred substances, but this time it will never be abused again but be taken in a more controlled manner, less dosages and frequencies to maintain and take happiness, joy, health, satisfaction, success, talents, creativity, intellect and peace to the next level. All issues will also be dealt with like personal problems, health problems, relationship problems, etc.


The cost for this is actually priceless, but we will only charge $5 000 000 per week of stay and treatment. This charge is also negotiable. Treatment duration varies per patient and can take one week up to 8 weeks, or 16 weeks depending on how many issues our patient has and what the severity level of them are.

90% of the profit will be used in our charity organisation’s campaigns to alleviate the lives of the poor and also help the animals and heal the environment.

Read more about our current and best campaign here: Urban Food Forests and Social Upliftment Campaign

I hope you will support us by coming for a priceless rehab treatment of a lifetime that only we can offer you in the entire world!