Welcome to the love project rehab

Hello and welcome to nature’s spirit and the love project rehab. Here you’ll find we are the most affordable rehab you can find with a free treatment option as well and that we provide a unique treatment that works with stunning results. We provide a program that’s much more than just a rehab, we’re holistic and include all aspects of life so you may think of us as a rehab spiritual retreat centre instead. We are the only ones in the world offering this kind of treatment which is the one and only solution other rehabs don’t offer. It’s our mission to help all addicts stop suffering and being bombarded with intellect lectures which does not speak the truth about unconditional love & wisdom from God at the rehabs loved ones are sent to.

We specialise in all sorts of addictions, may it be drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling and video games.

The love project rehab is kindly brought to you by Nature’s Spirit Non Profit Organisation with it’s the love project initiative making the world more loving, peaceful a beautiful place for all.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy and treatment is based on unconditional love and wisdom gained from many years of experience in life, experiences, all forms of addictions and various rehabilitation centres since 1977.


We teach special meditation techniques so you love yourself ultimately and unconditionally. God’s love is always unconditional and is very powerful. Unconditional love is the ultimate form of love a person can attain on earth and that is when the person becomes enlightened and the door heaven opens. We give spiritual teachings gained from all religions of the world (Christianity, Islam, Rastafarianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, New Age Spirituality) and self experience about unconditional love and wisdom. You will connect with your soul, higher self and heart to gain unconditional love for yourself and others by becoming whole again, heal and do wonderful things on earth.


You will go on an amazing spiritual journey of self discovery and manifest your heart’s true desires. Therapy and counselling continues with free counselling visits, telephone, email contact and website interaction for a life time. So we keep in touch forever to keep the love vibrations high.

At the end of the course the love project will offer you a job in the humanitarian and environmental field to restore love and peace and make life on earth better for us all. You will do what you love and get paid for having fun. You will be able to pay back rehab costs to your family member(s) or payback a loan easily if you opt for our paying rehab options.


Our approach makes you benefit with results as follows:

  • Falls in love with yourself, others, life, animals, plants and the environment
  • Do what you love as an income to live life comfortably
  • Have greater and more compassion
  • Become better person than ever
  • Maintain and have more happiness, fun and joy
  • Become more appreciative of the little things
  • Heals physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Become healthy
  • Extends life-span and live longer
  • Balance life style and quality of life improves
  • Unlock creativity and discover new abilities, ideas and talents
  • Heals and strengthen existing relationships with God, partner, family, kids, friends and humanity.
  • Receive divine guidance and become intuitive and clever
  • Increased romantic behaviour, charm, affection, sensuality, arousal and intimacy
  • New and enhanced sexual and making love experiences
  • Save money

Our Rehab Options

Please go to our rehab options page and see which type of scenery and budget suit you.

love is wisdom, intuition and guidance!