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We are looking for volunteers to help us raise funds for our Urban Food Forests & Social Improvement Project in South Africa. Are you perhaps keen to help? Let me tell you a bit more about this project.

Chicago’s Urban Food Forest

We have earmarked a neighbourhood called Chicago in Paarl to start with this project. Chicago is one of the poorest communities in Paarl and some people there struggle to put food on the table so they go to bed at night without having anything to eat for the entire day. Work is scarce, people don’t have any money and they don’t have any food to eat no wonder the crime rate is so high and people’s lives are negatively affected in numerous ways.

Tree planting

The basic principle of the project is to plant as many fruit and nut trees we possibly can fit the area of Chicago so that the people can have free food to eat within a couple of years time from now. We aim to plant these food producing trees all over, in the people’s yards, trellised along the walls of the houses & shacks, on the side walks, in the street dividers and all the empty and unutilised spaces.

More benefits

Within a few years time, these trees will bear a lot of food for the people to have for free. There will be such an abundance of surplus food, they will be able to sell it for an extra income. This will help a lot in reducing poverty and eliminating the hunger problem. Also, crime rates will drop since the people will have money at their disposal to buy food and cater for their other needs.

The birds and the bees

Another major problem we are facing today, is the disapearing of our bees that play a huge role in our ecosystem by pollinating our flowers to produce food for us. This project will bring back our bees and make them thrive again like they used to in the past, but this time they will really thrive because there will be an abundance of nectar and pollen forage as the various fruit and nut trees produce flowers during different times of the year. With this being said, there will be honey, a valuable and extra crop that can be harvested and sold for an additional income.

New Tourism

We plan to roll this project out to the rest of Paarl as well with the poorest areas first in line. Additionally, we plan to promote tourism for our poor communities so that foreigners can experience real South African indigenous culture which they are not really exposed to when they are here. This will provide additional income for the people and enrich their lives. Our people have a great and rich history of a culture to share which will be something new and very interesting for travellers visiting our shores. We are the mixed race descendants as a result of the indigenous people of South Africa mixing with the Europeans who came here during the 1600’s. That makes us basically family and I feel we need to reunite and get together to make up from the past’s apartheid era which destroyed our people’s lives.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

There are poverty and social issues all around the world, so this is a global initiative and it addresses the issues mentioned in the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. We have to execute this project throughout the world where it is needed.

More info

For more information about this project, click here: Urban Food Forests


We need funding for this project to be implemented and have applied for funds which can take some time. But we can start to take action now and get the ball rolling.

Volunteers needed

To start as soon as possible and to sustain, continue & expand this project in the long term it needs regular and various sources of income streams increasing over time until the entire project becomes fruitful and sustainable.

This is where we need you now, it’s to help us raise funds. There are multiple options to do so and as a volunteer, you can either try one or preferably try as many options as you like.

Option # 1 Volunteer and stay in Paarl, South Africa

Volunteers will be picked up at Cape Town International Airport and be taken to Paarl where they will stay which is about 40 minutes drive.

Paarl is a beautiful town within a valley surrounded by mountains and has many tourist attractions which includes nature, mountains, drives, rock pools, hiking trials, mountain bike trials, wine estates, mall, restaurants, monuments, museums, golf courses, parks, a lion park and crocodile farm.

Volunteers will be taken to visit Chicago and the rest of Paarl to see and experience the impoverished areas and meet it’s people to get an idea of all the problems we are trying to solve. They will then be taken to all the tourist attractions in Paarl to show where they have to go to volunteer.

Volunteers will have the freedom to travel around Paarl, Cape Town and other interesting towns like Franschoek and Stellenbosch and experience all the attractions and touristic places. Attractions they will visit includes the city, malls, beaches, mountains, nature reserves, hiking trials, towns, hotels, bars, restaurants and wine estates. While they are having a good time, their duty will be to have a friendly chat with people about our project and ask if they would like to make a donation.

Volunteers can take days off and just relax and do whatever they feel like doing. They can go swim in the mountains in the rock pools, beaches, go hiking, play sport, camping, eat out, shop, etc.

 Costs and Requirements

  • Accommodation per day at a bed and breakfast would cost between $15 – $35 per person depending on the preferred area, luxury, amenities and sharing a room.
  • Food per day: $10 (3 x take out meals or shop for groceries to make own meals)
  • Travelling Costs in Paarl: $6 per person per day if its a group of 4 sharing a car
  • Travelling Costs to Cape Town: $15 per person per day if it’s a group of 4 sharing a car
  • Spending money for shopping and for some tourist attractions with entrance fees
  • Smartphone with South African sim and about $2 airtime loaded per day

Please contact us here if you would like to volunteer with this option: Contact Us

Option # 2 Volunteer from anywhere around the world

Volunteers are required to go to places like shopping malls, business areas, tourist destinations, hotels, restaurants and other places where all the rich people and business owners normally are, to have a friendly chat with them about our project and then afterwards ask them nicely if they would be interested in making a donation please. You just have to make sure that you carry your mobile phone with you and that it has access to the internet so that you can guide donors through to our donation page here: Donate to nature’s spirit.

Additionally, volunteers can find a professional fundraiser to raise funds for the project. Within your network of friends and family, someone will be able to guide you to a person who are a professional fundraiser. Have a friendly chat with the fundraiser about this much needed project in South Africa and the rest of the world and ask them to help you raise funds for the project. You are more than welcome to get as many fundraisers as you can.

We are currently looking at sponsors for our t-shirts and as soon as we get the t-shirts we will send it to you so that it is clear to potential donors that you are volunteering for us.

Please contact us here if you would like to volunteer with this option: Contact Us

Thank you for your precious time and effort!



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