At nature’s spirit we have many goals we strive towards to make the world a better place for all.

Check out our list of goals:

  • become the best NGO in South Africa and internationally
  • reach no. 1 on google and other search engines for keywords related to NGO, charity, love, dreams, miracles, peace, prosperity, abundance, activists, philanthropists and the list goes on…
  • become a jedi master and destroy evil, eliminating poverty, hunger, crime, wars, inequality, greed, disease and environmental destruction
  • win the Nobel peace prize
  • consult political parties, governments, royalties, top companies like google, sony, toyota, cosmetic companies, game developers & movie producers
  • develop spectacular and innovative games for all especially children
  • become the richest in the world and distribute the wealth restoring the earth to it’s pristine beauty and origin in other words manifesting heaven on earth
  • become best friends with everyone on earth
  • make sports awesome, exciting and more entertaining
  • have our own tv channels
  • build the most expensive school on earth
  • become the best teacher and professor
  • establish a new innovative university
  • establish a new royal family that will love all people, animals and the environment
  • become a spiritual guru
  • open our own restaurant
  • own our own clothing brand
  • become a scientist
  • organise the best trance party festival in the world
  • own our own music label
  • have our own modelling agency
  • own a unique and exclusive gentlemans club
  • create the best international free dating site and app
  • legalise all plants like marijuana for instance and all kinds of medicine
  • become a quality controller for brands
  • become the most popular blog
  • if google doesn’t want us to consult them then we will build our own innovative and advanced search engine that current search engines can’t do

This list will grow as time goes by. Only time will tell when we will reach all our goals.

Please wish us good luck and support nature’s spirit and the love project!

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