the Science of love

This beautiful image of a crystal in water symbolising love you see on the left is a photograph taken by Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scientist who discovered that thoughts directed to a water changes it’s reality. This image is an example of what the crystals inside water look like when you project the thought of love onto it.
See the different kinds of crystals which are formed when a different thought was directed at the water:
water consciousness
Can you see that positive thoughts like I love you, thank you, wisdom, peace and eternal produces a beautiful crystal and negative thoughts like you fool, you make me sick and evil produces an ugly image and not a crystal at all. If you look at the beauty and the intelligence behind the crystal it must be something truly amazing like the example of polluted water before prayer and the polluted water after prayer it looks like the water was purified and healthy to drink.

the Power of love

Now think about this and how it would affect a human, plant or animal since we all are living organisms with our bodies consisting of more than 90% water. If we fall in love with one another and treat each other with positive thoughts our bodies would become beautiful, healthy and eternal like it is in heaven. If we love our plants and animals, the food we eat will become more delicious and healthier.

Jimmy Hendrix said: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”

Romantic Relationships

Now I want to touch on something I believe society today has gone totally wrong. Why do we restrict ourselves to only fall in love with one person at a time. In some cultures or religions a man is allowed to fall in love with multiple women and have multiple wives. Why can’t a woman have multiple husbands? Why can’t we all just have multiple romantic relationships with each person we fall in love with?
I am going to experiment this now by having more than one girlfriend who falls in love with me and only have sex when my girlfriend and I wants to have a baby and have the means to support them. I want to have many beautiful children from various women. All my girlfriends would have the freedom to have more than one boyfriend as well. They will have the same privileges as I do. We should all have the freedom to fall in love with one another that comes naturally, otherwise we block ourselves from God, the Universe and this powerful loving energy! There shall be no jealousy at all, cause jealousy is a negative feeling, thought and type of behaviour that causes us to become ugly and unpleasant where people would distant themselves. I would be happy if one of my girlfriends falls in love with another guy, because to fall in love with someone is such an amazing feeling I know it would make my girlfriend more beautiful, happier and wealthier because she now has someone who will support her as well. Our relationship levels will boom to the next level as we amplify love energy and this loving energy we feel will increase it will feel so good and we will become healthier, happier and live for eternity like we are in heaven.


This is the only way we can manifest heaven on earth. If you don’t believe that heaven is on earth, please comment and tell me why you think so and also tell me where else you know heaven is. Do you think you are restricted in heaven to have only one lover and are you going to become jealous, angry and depressed when your lover leaves you for someone else?

More love

For more information about love, please read about the love project!

love is beauty, health & eternal!

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