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Hello and welcome!

My name is Riaan and Im a guy from South Africa. I would like to make friends with everyone all across the world, young and old, boys and girls, men and women and over time when we get to know each other better and like each other we can become best friends forever.

Im a kind of friend that whenever you need help and support in any way I would like to help you. I have a lot of love for people, animals and nature. I am fun to be with, kind, loving, generous, affectionate, caring, trustworthy, compassionate, peaceful, calm, wise, talented, free spirited, happy, romantic, accomplished, experienced, positive, innovative, imaginative, gifted, thankful and love life to the max.

Im an indigo child fighting for the welfare of the earth, people, animals, plants and trees. I love to stay young forever and it’s my passion to serve and make dreams and miracles come true. If you have a dream, fantasy or miracle you would like to come true then please let me know and I will try my best to make it a reality for you.

I also love spirituality, activism, beautiful, pretty & cute things, flowers, children, animals, music, games, playstation, fun, smiling, swimming, laughing, night frisbee, skateboarding, basketball and riding my bmx.

I love to solve problems, come up with solutions and implement it. I want to make life better for all, especially children, I love making life fun for them. I am a social entrepreneur and provide many services. Check it out here: my services

I also run campaigns to heal the world from its problems and spread love, peace and prosperity throughout the world. Check it out here: my campaigns

One day I will be wealthy then I will be able to support all my best friends with money and material things if needed. I would love to invite them to my beautiful country and treat them like royalties. I would also love to travel to all my best friends and meet them in person. I love exotic and tropical locations with nice beaches and islands.

My dream is to have as many friends possible from all over the world so please get in touch with me and we take it from there…

Your loving and best friend forever!

riaan van der hoeven

This is a nature’s spirit and the love project initiative. Click here for more information: the love project. Also read this article about: the science behind love

love is friendship, support & unity!

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