Urban Food Forests – Greening the Planet

Did you know that the whole world was first covered with forests and thrived with an abundance of food and fresh water?

Today, people are struggling and children go to bed without any food for the day in the Town where I live.

Therefore this campaign was designed by using permaculture design to secure food in our cities / towns / townships to alleviate poverty, hunger and global warming. It is essential to plant trees so that the earth can recover from rainforest and environmental destruction that is still taking place on an enormous scale. Trees take up carbon dioxide emissions from the air to alleviate global warming that causes natural disasters. The trees roots bring up lost water from deep within the soil to evaporate from its leaves to create clouds that bring us rain and fresh water for us to use.

Trees are beautiful and with their colours, textures, shapes, sizes, scent it arouses our senses and creates a pleasant ambience and feast to the eyes and ears as well as it attracts birds that make beautiful sounds. Fruit and nut trees provides us with an abundance of delicious food raw and processed into dried fruit and squeezed into juices.

Let us start with this campaign by planting trees in our poor neighbourhoods to create urban forests all over so that people can feed themselves and reduce our carbon footprint. The amazing thing about trees are they don’t need much care and provide food in an abundance with little effort. When we beautify their environment the people’s moods will be uplifted as well and it will  make them happy and peaceful. They can sell the raw fruit & nuts to the public to provide a source of income. They can also preserve & process the surplus fruit & nuts to store for later consumption and also sell for more income. The great thing is they don’t have to have money to buy the fruit & nuts so there is no cost price involved and they can make 100% percent profit.


We are ready now to start with this campaign in Paarl, South Africa to inspire the rest of the world to do the same in their impoverished areas that urgently need help. We have all the resources: horticulturists, project managers and labourers. All we need now is money to buy the trees, compost and fertiliser. This is a great opportunity to create employment and empowerment as well.

Please support this campaign and offset your carbon footprint by making a donation here: Donate to the love project

If you can’t donate then please support us here: Support the love project

Thank you for reading this, please spread the word by sharing this campaign with your network of friends and family so that we can reach our goal of greening the planet in other countries as well to create an abundance of food for all and reduce global warming.

This is an initiative by the love project the permaculture way!

love is abundance, prosperity and beauty!

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