Heaven on Earth


Hello and welcome beautiful people of the earth!

This is a campaign designed to end the fighting over land in the world. There are many cases and wars are created over land and resources. Read my comment at the bottom as an example. Please share this with as many people possible so that it reach those who are affected. Also comment below if you have been or know of others who have been affected so that we can reach out to one another.
Nature’s spirit and the love project’s mission is to end the fighting and create heaven on earth. This is such a mammoth task we have taken on but believe it could be done easily. All we have to do is to fall in love with our current living environments by transforming it into little pieces of heaven on earth to set an example for the world to see. Locals and people from around the world may come visit to be inspired and experience a taste of heaven on earth.
Your home must be renovated into a work of art. The garden must become a playground for children and pets with a natural swimming pool, pond with colourful fish, water feature, veggies, herbs, flowers and fruit trees. It will attract beautiful birds, frogs, geckos, colourful dragonflies, butterflies, bees and other beautiful animals. When you beautify your space with a garden you also create a beautiful ambience that affects your mood and makes you feel good and more loving and peaceful within. It will arouse your senses with many objects of various colours, scents, sounds, textures, feelings, shapes and sizes. The space will be a living and loving paradise for us to enjoy and live life fully. An affectionate connection with Mother Earth will be felt by walking bear feet on the ground and as we work with the soil, earthworms, water, plants, flowers, trees, micro  & macro organisms, fungi, bees and its influences like the sun, moon, stars, planets, air & rain we learn to understand more about the universe, life and appreciate it fully.
This artistic demonstration site will attract people with whom you will share your knowledge and resources for free so that they are inspired and equipped to go home and do the same to improve and innovate.
I was affected by Apartheid’s white people in South Africa when my grandfather’s prime (rich) land, my inheritance was taken away from us and we were relocated to a poorer area. I was angry about this and had a lot of hatred in my heart for a very long time. Now, I have learned to love the white people of South Africa and I am at peace now, happy and appreciate the new piece of land where I grew up and currently still live with my parents. I am hoping that I will inherent it in the future so I can turn it into a beautiful paradise and have a beautiful white girlfriend living with me – hehehe 😉
I hope this inspires you to turn your current living space into a piece of heaven so that you also inspire and set an example to others in your area to follow suit. I will create a section on the website where we can showcase our beautiful creations and share our success stories of interesting experiences and the wisdom we gained for the world to see. We will be able to share it to all our friends via social media and their friends as well.
Soon, the entire world will be inspired and everyone will appreciate their little pieces of holy ground where they currently live and they will get involved in transforming their own pieces of land into a slice of heaven on earth. The holy wars will finally end when the people discover their actual holy and sacred grounds are where they currently live and it should be appreciated, loved and treasured. There will be peace on earth and it be restored into its pristine beauty where everyone living in unity happily ever after.

love is inspirational, heavenly and sacred!

Please share this with as many people possible to help stop the wars over land and make this dream become a reality for us all!
This is a love project initiative: the love project

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