I have learned a lot from the Ascended Masters, my favourite used to be Jesus because he cared a lot about people, performed miracles, he looked handsome and his teachings was about love. The best source of Jesus’s teachings I came across was Christ’s Way. I can remember he spoke about the two parts of love, feminine and masculine and he called it loving intelligence. This is how he described God. The female represents love as in creative beauty and feelings while the male side does the thinking.
An important part of his teachings was his sadness about how the world portray him with the symbol where he is crucified and suffering on the cross, because it makes people feel sorrow instead of feeling love which his teachings were all about. His wishes are that people stop performing sad rituals linked to him. A common misunderstanding is that people think he suffered for others and their sins. Jesus is also not God’s only son. We are all God’s children with the same abilities to perform miracles and to love each other, he was just an example of how a good son of God should behave. His teachings formed the foundation of my understanding of God, love and myself. Thank you Jesus!
Ascended Master Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue:
This deck of Ascended Master cards are a fun way to learn about spirituality. It’s awesome for children too.

I have learned a lot about love and twin flames during my life time, its 38 years and now I the time has come that I have learned too much to keep it for myself, it’s time for me to come out of my 3 years of solitude living where I had the most amazing experiences of my life I don’t have the words to express how awesome it was. I also had plenty of bad experiences, bumping my head and learning from my mistakes.
I loved reading Anastasia – The ringing cedars of Russia, from which I learned so much about unconditional love, children, babies and so many other interesting things. Anastasia inspired me so much that I became a fanatic. I can remember reading this at lekke water (a local sacred site), chilling at a water stream surrounded by majestic mountain scenery and a waterfall with my feet in the water and connecting with the earth.

After I read this, nothing else could interest me to read anymore and I never picked up a book ever since. The amazing thing is I started to learn and figure out things myself. It was fun to start learning that way that I refused to look up information on google anymore, it would spoil the fun and satisfaction I got from figuring things out myself.
I feel I have to write about compassion, it is vital that people understand it to have compassion and love for people who are judged in a negative way. A lot of world issues can be solved. I am excited that my childhood dream is finally coming true now. Next month I shall be introducing the love project to schools and work with my true companions I have such a great affinity and connection with, the young children. It’s not wise to talk about what Im going to teach, it will actually be a friendship relationship and I will share anything they are interested in and challenge myself to be creative as possible.
I always felt like Im in my teens, so when Im going to be amongst the children it will feel like Im as young as them and that’s going to help me regain my youth feeling and appearance again. That’s all Im going to say but I know, many miracles are going to happen and Im super excited for this challenge I have set for myself. Im going to impress myself as I do with everything I try. Our feelings will become lighter and purer and it’s going to be amazing.

The female Ascended Masters have a deep, warm, emotional and charming type of love which you can hear by their beautiful voices and tone. I was spell bound and casted under a love spell when I heard the Ascended Masters Mary Magdelene and Jezebel speak from the bottom of their hearts. It was a channeling from Michelle Elof from the Palace of Peace. What an amazing and warming experience!

Dogs are man’s best friend and they have so much unconditional love for us. I’ve experienced amazing emotions and bonding sessions with all my boxer dogs ever since childhood and they have thought me precious things about unconditional love. I was 6 years old when I hided under our kitchen table to avoid the taxi driver because I did not want to go to nursery school on my first day. I just wanted to stay at home and have a loving experience and play in the yard with my dog. I had the best loving bond and feelings with my dogs because they were just like me, very peaceful, gentle, kind, playful and loved affection. If I stayed at home and never went to school I would have learned so much more on my own by just playing in my loving environment.

I have a great affinity with nature and love all animals. I keep bees and treat them with love because they are very gentle and sensitive to negativity and that is why they sting. My dream is to communicate with them which was done in the ancient period. Im going to get me a couple of love birds soon. They are awesome teachers of love as well. I saw once how they express love by their playful nature and how they flirt and charm each other. It was such a beautiful scene. Actually, all living things are loving and can teach us many things about love. We have to treat them with love and respect.
An Ascended Master I have learned a lot from is Mahavatar Babaji (meaning revered father). He is the originator of yoga. When he died, his body did not decay and exuded no body odour. He is also known as the deathless Avatar and is one of God’s greatest helpers and likes to work with children.

The greatest and ultimate teachers and Ascended Masters of them all and also my favourite…babies! Baby feelings are the best – duh! They are so loving and highly intelligent that I shall write about them for tips on how to keep them happy and healthy, but most importantly the do’s and don’ts. It is my dream to become a good father someday. I had an extremely uncomfortable feeling within ever since I can remember and I don’t like others to experience what I have felt and gone through during my life from birth, childhood, teenage years and adulthood. My feelings got worse and worse over time which affected my experiences in life which was so painful I don’t like to talk about at all. I also know that there are many people that experience things far worse than what I have. Im going to stress on how important it is to raise babies properly because today things like cesarian births are normal and people don’t realise how extreme that are to babies. The truth is there are a lot of other little things considered normal that are traumatic for babies that affects them their whole life. Shame, poor babies… they give us all their love unconditionally and they get bad treatment in return which makes them cry.

please support the love project so we can stand up for babies because they don’t  have a voice!

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  1. dan says:

    how to become a holistic teacher thanks . Presently I have diploma in holistic pain management from the UK

    1. riaan says:

      Dear Dan,
      Are you interested in becoming a holistic teacher?
      Please get in touch if you like: https://naturesspirit.co.za/spirituality/
      One love,

    2. riaan says:

      Hi Dan, all you need is life experiences then you can become a holistic teacher

    3. riaan says:

      also read spiritual books

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