Important announcement!

Dear loved ones,

Mother Earth is calling us to action… our planet Earth is in trouble and we need to take action now or we will all cease to exist!

People have been affected by the dark side and we have to help them so that they become enlightened again. As we do this, we will allow the Earth to restore Herself to her pristine beauty just like when she was created in the beginning.

The Earth was once the most beautiful planet and the brightest star in the galaxy!

Join our rebellion to become an apprentice of the Jedi masters by following the love project to receive training on how to perform Jedi mind tricks in difficult situations and also how to use your weapon, the lightsaber (the inner love and light within your heart) during your missions to transmute the darkness that has affected people’s hearts and minds.

You will inspire them to love themselves, the earth and all her inhabitants so that all forms of life may continue to exist, prosper and thrive again.

The earth needs you urgently!

See the love project for more information and the support page for many ways to share  your love and shine your light on earth.

May the force of love be with you!

Yoda (serving as the Grand Master of the Jedi Order )

love is power, purification and unity!

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